Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fashion Fab #1 - WInter Wwarmth and comfort

Weeooo first blog EVER.  Ok here we go.

This morning I woke up and was looking at my closet wondering what on earth am I going to wear on this cold December morning.  Of course I go for my staple iteams that are Leggings, boots and a long shirt.  Simple, easy and comfortable right?? Right.  But latley ive been craving something diffrent in my winter wordrobe and I cant figure out what that item is needed in my wordrobe. A couple hours later while I am sitting at work where it is freezing and I am reading fashion and beauty vlogs I realize that I need a PONCHO, yes what plently of men would consider a Cape is called a Poncho. Genious right???

Mark my words come Boxing week I will be buying a Cape :) no matter how much my boyfriend laughs at me. 

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