Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Resolutions :)

This morning I woke up super late for work, I didnt have time to shower or wash my face.  I was out the door in half and hour. I realized that I need to FORCE myself to wake up earlier.  So sitting here at work I realized that I have never completed any new years resolutions.  I made a list and this year is a new year and I plan on sticking to it. 

1. Exercise more ---> More Walking on my days off, no matter what the weather is :)
2. Eat better ----> Less Carbs (Stay off the snacks), 3 Meals a Day, Smaller Portions.
3. More Water ----> No More Pop, 4 Big Glasses of Water a DAY
4. Pay off Visa + Other Pesky Debit. -----> Pretty Self Explanitory
5. Wake up 2 hrs before I have to in order to get ready for my day.
6. Take make up off at night the RIGHT way -----> Clense, Tone, then Moisturize :)
7. Take better care of my hair ------> Buy hair masks :)

Shouldnt be THAT hard right?, Ill keep you posted!

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