Monday, March 7, 2011

Cross Boarder Haul - Nail Edition :)

2 Weeks ago my friend and I crossed the boarder to do some shopping in the USA and she popped my Sallys Beauty Supply cherry as well as my Wallgreens cherry.  I live in Vancouver and we dont have store that sell these products and when you do find them hhere in Canada they are so gosh darn expensive. So finding some of this stuff made me feel like a kid in a candy shop.

Left: Sand Tropez, Middle: Lilacism, Right: French Affair

 I got these beauties at Wallgreens.  Here in Canada Essie polishes can go anywhere to $6 - $11.  So as soon as I saw the GIGANTIC Essie display I jumped at the chance to buy a couple.  On sale for 8.99 with 50% off....I died.  I havent gotten the chance to themtry it out but I can tell they are going to be gorgeous for spring and summer :)

Sinful Colors: Beautiful Girl

We do have SOME Sinful Colors here in Canada but not a whole lot.  I saw the lovley bright yellow sticker that said they were $1.99 and I pounced.  Im not a huge fan of Bright colors at the moment because since its still randomly snowing, it makes it super hard to get into spring colors.  Needless to say I only got one color for myself. Maybe in a couple more months Ill take another trip when im more into bright colors since that is what sinful colors is known for.

ORLY: Luxe
Here in Canada we do have Sallys Beauty Supply stores but they arnt close, let me tell you that.  So when my friend had told me there was one where we were going I couldnt contain myself.  I was a tad bit nervous aswell, I didnt know what to expect.  When I walked in this beauty was the first thing that caught my eye.  Its a beautiful gold metalic color. I was a little hesitant on it because I am quite a boring and safe person when it comes to nail laquor. This puppy was $3.99, WTF. I bought it.


China Glaze: For Audry

I saved the best for last.  Ladies & Gentleman, FOR AUDRY :):):)  (excuse the capitals for the next couple sentances, im just so darn extatic) YOU CANT FIND THIS COLOR ANYWHERE WHERE I LIVE!!!!!! ITS NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE WITHOUT GOING SOMEWHERE AND GETTING IT ORDERED FOR YOU.  This color is a beautiful Tiffanys Blue Blue/Green.  It makes my day brigher just knowing I own this color.  Perfection in a bottle for $4.99.  My friend thought i was nuts.

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