Friday, April 1, 2011

Make-up for the dreaded spring Allergies.

Spring has sprung, and you know how I know?  My eyes are watering, sometimes bloodshot, and my boyfriend called me Ms. Sniffy :S   My nose is so irritated and dry that I have settled with  putting Vaseline on my “nose holes” at night.  Over the years I have repeatedly forgot to stock my bag up with little pink allergy pills so this is what I have learnt to do when you are in a pinch  how to apply my makeup without putting so my eye makeup on that when my eyes water so I don’t have raccoon eyes.  These are the tips that I have learnt.

  1. Foundation: Always put the minimal foundation on your nose, just use powder.  No matter what you are going to be blowing your nose all day and you are going to be rubbing off you’re the foundation on your nose all the time.  Keep powder with you so that you can touch up when and if you have to.

  1. Mascara:  2 words, Water Proof.  Water proof mascara is a god sent because when you eyes water it wont wash off unless you really start rubbing your eyes, then you have a problem.

  1. Eye Make-up:  ONLY use eye liner on your eye lid, NOT your water line because it will run and you will have raccoon eyes and who wants that.  Rimmel London has a fantastic liner called Exaggerate.  It is a Water proof liner which won’t run when you have watery eyes. 

  1. Lips:  Lip chap is a must.  I personally can’t breath out of my nose because its so stuffed so I tend to breath in and out of my mouth which makes my lips very very chapped.

  1. Last but not least, a change of air circulation seem to help me out to.  I work at an Ice Rink and I always feel better.  Hot showers and my basement seem to work well to.

Hope these tips help you out J

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