Friday, June 24, 2011

Obsession of the week: True Blood

When this show first started airing on HBO I was super skeptical about it because 1. Im not a fan of anything scary (that includes blood, the dark, any noises in the dark, and things that go bump in the night) and 2. I never really caught on to the whole Vampire trend.  Then another show started airing, The Vampire Diaries and I was OBSESSED (mainly because the salvadore brothers make me all hot and bothered).  At that time I didnt think anything could come close to how good Vampire Diaries was.  Last night I took my friend to Walmart because she needed to get the 3rd season of True Blood.  I thought she was nuts spending $50 on a TV show season.  I dicided after going to 2 walmarts that there has to be a reason why we had been everywhere under the sun and could not find this stupid TV show.  I then made the dicision to borrow season 1 from her and give it a try.....

I must say this show is WEIRD.  After the first 4 episodes I was hooked!!!! At times I forgot I was watching a TV show and thought it was a movie.  I started watching it at 11pm thinking that I could just turn it off no problem and go to bed.  Boy was I wrong.  2:15am rolled around and I had to FORCE myself away from TV just to go to bed.  I was haveing dreams about the movie and kept waking up over and over just wanting to watch more.

So happy I have 2 more seasons.

Sookie + Bill = <3

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