Saturday, July 16, 2011

15 Things You Didnt Know About Me

Lately I have been slacking in the Blog part of my life.  Most of the time I don't know what to write.  I have been so inspired by Amber Smith & Amanda Imbery .  Even though they write about their kids 99.9% of the time I find myself fascinated with their lives (creepy, I know).  Today I decided that I am going to give this blog thing a real fighting chance. 

I am a very guarded person and only let people in who I trust which is not very many people.  This probably has to do with the horrible past with people that it is now just my nature now.  While writing this list out I found it difficult to dig deep down and pull some of these traits out and share with everyone. 

1. I don't like to read.  I can read I just don't enjoy it as much as some people.  I also have really bad eyes so focusing on something like small print is really straining which doesn't make reading enjoyable for me.

2. I love chocolate chip mint & cookie dough ice cream MIXED. This is pretty self explanatory.

3. My guilty pleasure is Teen Movies and TV shows. This is something that I have learnt that I am not the only one who likes movies and TV shows like this.  Although I'm 25 years old, there is nothing better then watching a 17 year old fall in love, get pregnant, get married, get divorced, and cry because they think their life is unfair and they have it so hard.  Okay, okay, okay, so that isn't the only reason.  Teen dramas captivate me and that's all that's to it.  From Vampires to rich kids living in LA, there is nothing better then mindless dribble that makes you ball your eyes out in the end or clinch to your seat in anticipation for the following weeks episode.

4. I'm a pretty good ice skater. Ever since I could remember I always had a fascination with Figure Skaters.  I wanted to wear the pretty dress, spin and jump and dance around the ice to music.  With alot of hard work I was able to do that.  I never wanted to swim or do any other sports, I wanted to be at the rink everyday and all day.  Over the years I started to get older and heavier so my dream of competing in the Olympics was becoming more and more of just a dream and not a reality.  I now coach little kids and Adults (ages 3-60) the fundamentals of ice skating and get great joy seeing the progress of my students. Maple Ridge Parks and Recreation has a great Learn To Skate program which I encourage everyone to try.  I believe that skating is something that your child should know how to do, along with swimming.

5.  My boyfriend is 3 years younger than me. Who would have known after all the crap I have gone through with men that my soul mate, my best friend would be my friends younger brother.  I have never met a guy so mature for his age and give so much love.  It takes a special guy with a big heart to take on a challenge like me.  Ive be abused emotionally, mentally and physically by men that I was starting to think that love only came to certain people and I was not one of them.  Nick proved me wrong and I am forever grateful for him sticking around.

6. I collect cosmetics/nail polish. This is a obsession that I choose not to share.  This blog was originally centered around beauty. I have over 150 bottles of nail polish, at least 50 blush products, and the list goes on and on and on.  Collecting these products makes me happy and content.  Do I wear everything I have? Yes I do actually, I have a rotating system and I change my nail color every second day.

7. I enjoy shopping alone. Its therapeutically and I don't have to worry about another person.  I can go where I want and spend as much time as I want there.

8. I rarely see my friends. True friends are the friends who no matter how long you go without seeing them they will always be your friend no matter what.  I have a very select few of close friends whom I keep in contact via twitter and facebook who I don't have to hang out with to know that they are my very best friends and will be for life.  I would not trade this friendship for anything.  I'm the kind of girl who gets very sick of people fast. So having the friends that I have is a blessing and wouldn't change them for the world.

9. I'm a homebody.

10. I choose not to drink alcohol.

11. I'm OBSESSED with Reality Television.

12. I just got my Drivers license. That written/Computer test really got me.  Its taken me 8 years just to pass that damn test.  Every time I got a question wrong it would let me know which made me super discouraged and frustrated.  After a year of driving my ass around my boyfriend got sick of it and MADE me take the test and MADE me study.  The day I passed my Learners exam I swear I could have cried.  A year later about a month before my Road test I bought my first car.  Shes a beauty, 2011 Hyundai Accent.  I failed my road test 2 times but on the 3rd time I passed and the freedom is incredible.  I don't have to take the bus anymore :)

13. I am super emotional. If you asked my boyfriend if there was one thing that he could change about me, I can guarantee you that he would say that I need to stop crying all the time.  I don't know if its part of getting older or am I just messed up.  I cry over everything from jokes to wet pavement.  You name it I will probably cry.  Its embarrassing really.

14. I hate my picture being taken.  I am very critical of myself when a picture is being taken.  I have to see it, and if I don't like it you better delete it before it goes on facebook or someone is going to pay for it.  I would much rather take a billion pictures of myself just to find a couple presentable ones.  There is a certain angle that I like and I don't like pictures that are far away, Id much rather do pictures close up. 

15. I'm addicted to Facebook games. Just deal with it and be my friend and play the game so I can play past level 25.

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