Saturday, July 30, 2011

Traveling Comfortably :)

This past I week I went on a little Vacation to Las Vegas (Pictures will be up tommorow possibly) and I dicided to do a little blog post on what to take with you when you are traveling on a Plane.

Not everything is in this picture, this is just what is left in my bag from traveling.
  1. Coffee - This was a MUST have, those early flights killed me.  Timmys wasnt the coffee I had in  Vegas but you get the picture
2. Gum
3. Camera - To capture those special moments
3. Carmex - I get the worst dry lips on airplanes
4. Hand Cream
5. Sunnies (Sun Glasses)
6. Ear Phones - To go in the Ipod/Iphone which I took the picture on
7. Lipstick/Gloss + Other touch up products
8. Wallett/Passport
9.Magazines to read
10. Snackies.

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