Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Looking forward to fall

Since we hardley got a summer at all I have been setting my sights on the upcoming months.  I absolutly love fall and winter.  I love when the leaves fall and you can feel the crispness in the air.  There is something about fall that is so romantic and lovley.  So out with the bright florals and bright nail polish and in with the dark colors and muted polishes.

Blazers (Mens Inspired)

H&M $39.95

Since I work in an office setting, this kind of jacket is good for my office dress code.  Im not one to dress up for work so wearing a blazer and a dark paid of skinny trousers just make this look very dressy/casual. Which is right up my ally.  In fact I might pick this exact blazer up sometime next week.

Riding Boots

Boots are my life in the winter.  Although finding a pair that fits, well thats a whole diffrent story.  I have very muscular calves so finding the perfect pair is a task all in its own.  These perticular pair probably wouldnt fit but going with the trend, I would rock these with tights on a daily basis.  Boots are worth the splurge because it dosnt look like they will be going out of style any time soon.

Structerd Hand Bags

Perfection! There are no words to discride this bag.  Prada <3  In the summer I like bigger bags so that it can hold more things like lotion and tanning lotion and some beach essentials.  This Camel colored bag just screams my name and I need it.  Although I enjoy having a car so I will probably be looking for a cheaper alternative for this season.

Nail Polish

Muted Fall Colors

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  1. I love you for posting this!! I have been looking everywhere for boots like those! I fell in love with some Tory Burch boots, but sadly my budget does not love them :( Those H&M boots are very close to the same look though!