Sunday, August 7, 2011

Slacker & Procrastinator

 Lately I have been feeling very bored and Lazy.  The worst part is when I get this way I start eating bad things like gross fast foods. That always leads to me feeling yucky and fat and just makes me down and that's also not a very healthy thing to be doing.  This sort of feeling always happens in the Summer months because its hot and I don't want to do anything but lay there and do nothing like a slob. 

I always like to think about the things I could be doing, like exercising and eating right and all this healthy stuff.  Lets be serious folks, I don't have the mind set to keep all that up. I also work on weekends 9am-5pm so that also puts a damper on my day because by the time 5pm rolls around and I have told myself that I'm gonna go for a nice walk or the gym it never happens. Call me Queen Lazy.

On the bright side, after I finish me pity party mood I go into full out turbo mode.  So right now more then EVER I'm craving something more.  Just the other day my mother and I took my dog for a walk around a lake here (Rolley Lake) and since I am out of shape and might die if there is an incline hill ANYWHERE I was pleasantly surprised that its all level ground with little hills here and there.  Its a 45 minute walk and its GORGEOUS!  I have a phobia of walking alone in wooded areas so I need to have a walking friend.

Also to make my life a little more productive, my father said that I could use his high tech camera.  My friend Amber is a HUGE role model when it comes to photos so I'm going to try my hand at photography as well.  A new hobby is needed that doesn't involve money since I don't have a lot of that anymore.

Summer has FINALLY arrived ( a little late might I add) and now that I have a car I can go more places.  I want to try going to the lake and just having some "me" time.  I quite enjoy that time to myself.  I used to go shopping alone and spend the day with me, myself & I and it was very therapeutic.

I'm also slacking on this blog AGAIN. Days 2-7 will be up soon as well as some Vegas pictures. I PROMISE!

Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save."
-Will Smith 

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