Friday, August 12, 2011

TV Obsession(s) of the week

This past week I have spent a lot of time in front of the TV which is horrible and I feel like a slob.  My boyfriend broke his leg and he cannot do anything so I have been helping him out alot.  By doing this we have probably watched every single movie known to man. The following is a list of TV shows that have catured my attention this week (dont judge).

Modern Family

We have watched 2 seasons of this show and I have fallen in love.  Its the kind of show that in every episode there are little hints of other episodes so if you want to tune into this, I suggest watching from the begining. My boyfriend isnt easy to please when it comes to television (unless is family guy) but I found him giggling at little things and doing fingers dances to the theme song.  To bad season 3 dosnt begin till the fall.

Love in the wild
Im a complete sucker for bad television shows, especially reality TV shows. This one is probably the worst one but I cannot pull myself away.  its the typical 6 guys 6 girls go to the jungle pair up and do challenges and along the way hope to find love.  Im embaressed.

Big Brother
If you havent tuned into this your either busy and dont have time for TV or hate reality TV shows.  Rachel+Brendan=Brenchal. This show has been my top guilty pleasure for the summer and I dont foresee this changing anytime soon.

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