Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wants, Needs & Musts: September Vol. 1

I cannot believe its September already.  The days are noticably much cooler, and the nights are much more colder.  This weekand boyfriend and I went to a friends house and had a backyard fire.  I made the mistake of wearing sandels and tights.  In the moment where I couldnt feel my legs I started wondering more about fashionable fall outdoor wear to social functions. 

I love everything about this outfit.  From the faux glasses to the sailor inspired shoes.  What caught my eye first is the Huge sweater.  I would buy this sweater in about 2 sizes to big personally.  I like my sweaters to be baggy.

Wants, Needs & Musts:
- Huge baggy knit sweaters for those cool nights
- Comfortable Jeans, nothing to tight since I hate jean shopping in the first place.
- Casual comfortable shoes that don't resemble athletic shoes.
- Scarves in cooler colors

This outfit is more versatile for casual everyday sort of look but can be changed to a work appropriate outfit with a few changes.  Change the shoes to a comfortable black flat and change the jacket to a simple black sweater or blazer.  I love versatile looks since I'm always working.

Let me know your fall must haves :)

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