Wednesday, October 19, 2011

3 Wonderful Years :)

Today is my 3 Year Anniversary with my Boyfriend and I thought that I would write a post about him and how awesome he is.  Nick and I cam into my life when honestly I probably didn't deserve it. It was so unexpected that I didn't think it was real.  Our relationship happened fast, as did most things in my life at the time.  At the time I was broken, emotionally abused and mentally abused from a past relationship that I didn't believe this guy was for real.  We went through a lot in the first year but he never seemed to let me go.  When I tried to run he ran after me, when I got scared he held me, when I fell in love he caught me. 

He doesn't know this but he saved me from a very dark place.  He made me believe in love again as well as how to trust in a man again.  He saved my life and even talking about it makes me tear up.  He truly doesn't believe how amazing he is to me.  Sometimes I look at him and I still to this day tell myself how lucky I am because after everything I have been through I never thought I could be this happy.  I still cant look at him in the eyes without smiling like a school girl or blushing uncontrollably.  He makes me laugh and smile and that no matter what happens we go through it together. 

Along with Nick came some amazing people.  His friends are probably the closest bunch of people I know.  For them to welcome me into their life must have been hard, but I must have done something right because I can confidently say that these people are my friends now as well.

I love him more and more everyday and he has made me the person I am today.  I look back to the person I was then and compare to who I am now and I have grown and matured and its all because of his support and love.  Sometimes I don't even think that saying I love you is strong enough. My feelings are greater then that.


Happy 3 years and many more to come PooPoo <3

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  1. Aww you made me cry! Love you! Happy anniversary to both of you!