Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Loves

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Beauty & Fashion

1.Top 5 Makeup items:
Matte Face Powder, Liquid Liner, Carmex Lip chap, Berry Colored Blush,Bronzer
2. Favorite Fall hair product:
 Dry Shampoo - Treseme
3. Favorite Fall Nail Polish:
OPI - Russian Navy - Dark Navy Blue
4. Favorite Fall Scent:
Marc Jacobs Lola
5.Most Worn Clothing & Accessories:
Black/Tan Knee High Boots & Scarves

Random Fall Questions

1.Fall Style Icon/website:
Pintrest.....Stupid website makes my shopping addiction that much harder to control.
2.You are going to a corn maze, what do you wear?:
Tights, Rain Boots or Riding boots, over sized sweater, scarf and gloves
3.Favorite Halloween Movie:
Casper or Halloween Town
4.Favorite Halloween Candy:
Anything Chocolate, I'm a sucker for chocolate.
5.What are you being for Halloween:
Nothing, I don't really go out anywhere or enjoy dressing up anymore, plus I think costumes they sell in the store are over prices and I don't have the drive to.

Happy Halloween :)


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