Sunday, October 9, 2011


Have you have woke up in the morning and are so late for whatever you have to do (work, appointment, etc.)? Well this happened to me this morning.  Since I live a little farther then I did before I cant wake up at 830 now and have time to get ready for work and still get my coffee and make it to work by 9 which sucks.  This morning I hit snooze and fell back asleep and woke up at 835am.  I rushed out of bed and grabbed the random cloths I had available to me this morning, threw my hair up in a pony and grabbed some makeup and tip toed out the door.  

Upon arriving at work I seemed to be a mess, and should have washed my hair last night but of course I didn't think that through enough.  I needed something fast that would hide how disgusting my hair was feeling.  I remember coming across some photos of a "top knot" and thinking how chic and laid back it looked.  I'm obsessed with this.  It hides everything I need hiding and you can dress it up or down :)  Although getting into my car seems kinda impossible as it hits the roof.

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