Saturday, November 26, 2011

Winter Loves

Winter Loves

1. Top 5 Makeup Items
Face Primer, Black Liner,Berry Blushes, Darker Lip, Bold Eyes
2.Favorite Winter Hair Product
Heat Protector
3.Favorite Winter Nail Polish
The One That Got Away - OPI Katy Perry Collection
4.Favorite Winter Scent
Marc Jacobs Lola
5. Most Worn Clothing/Accessories
Scarves & Over sized sweaters

1. Winter Style Icon
I don't really have one, I just kinda wear whats comfortable and warm
2. Your going Christmas Tree Shopping, what do you wear?
Boots, Jeans, Winter Jacket, Scarf, and Mittens
3. Favorite Christmas Movie?
White Christmas - A classic love story but all Christma-fied
4.Favorite Holiday Sweets/food
Mandarin Oranges & Nanimo Bars
5.Whats on the Top of your Christmas List
A Crock Pot.

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