Saturday, January 28, 2012

Please Excuse My Rant But....

I'm not usually the type of person to rant but today is just looking like one of those days.  So bare with me, I just need to get it out before I go crazy.

1. Ive been at my job for about 3 years now and you would think that people would know your name at this point. Am I correct?  I am the front desk girl so knowing my name would be a pretty good thing to know.  Now this rant partakes to a couple people because the rest of the office people are good.  But there are a select few people who DON'T know my name....... that really grinds my gears.  To those people, I am called her, that girl, part time girl, you, or even better Jessica or Jennifer.  I don't get it.  My own boss still doesn't know my name.

2. I work with this person and this person doesn't know what personal space is and he flirts with me to get his way.  Since I am incapable of saying no to anyone I politely smile and do what I'm asked.  This person annoys me so much that the site of him, the look of him and the smell of him makes me cringe and want to vomit.  I think this is me being nice about this situation.

3.  People who have long pointless last names, that expect you to know how to spell them. 

4. My landlord for the past 3 months (we have been living there for 3 months) has been asking us for rent early which I'm pretty sure is not right and we have every right to say no but my man cannot say no so it makes it extra hard in these situations.  Just because he can afford to pay rent early doesn't mean I can.

5.  Eating to much, and just feeling like pure garbage....story of my life.  I think my eyes and brain are more hungry then my stomach.  All I want to do at the moment is lay on the floor at work take my head set and message pad and work from the floor.  Seems doable, not professional. Damn.

6.  The past couple nights as soon as 2am hits I have this HUGE urge to take a spin class or yoga class or go to the gym.  I make plans with myself that I'm going to go do that the next day.  Clearly I'm to lazy and so tired from staying up till 2 or 3 am that all I want to do is sleep and the last thing I want to do is work out. 

7.  Ordering pants online is the most frustrating thing of life.  I recently ordered white jeans and bright blue jeans from Forever 21 and I didn't know what size I wanted so I decided to order one in one size and the other in another size well it turns out the pants I was MOST excited for I have to send back in exchange for a bigger size.

This day is super frusterating so far, but on the bright side the current time is 2:34 pm which means I can go home in 2.5 hrs :)


  1. They should know you're name at work. 6 months, ok, but 3 years!?!? I'd wear a nametag ;-p

    If you pay your rent by cheque just post date them for the 1st and give it to him early. He can't cash it before then. Solves the problem.

    I love it when you ask someone how to spell their name and they say "just like it sounds".

    1. He only excepts cash. I think hes Shady Drugg dealer with 4 kids, but my boyfriend thinks hes the bees knees.