Saturday, June 23, 2012

OOTD: Stripes

Oh, Hello.

Its been quite awhile.  Forgive me for my absence and I don't have any excuses why I have been MIA.  I took a REALLY long break because I lost my love for blogging.  No worries though, I'm back and I'm actually have a list of things I want to post on a weekly basis so cross your fingers I actually go through with my list. 


Dress: Ross
Sweater: Gifted from my mother
Shoes: Ardene
Earings: H&M Studs
Hair: Simple Lazy Pony Tale

I knew the weather was going to be rather wet for the next couple days but I decided that now that its officially summer I cant hide my summer wardrobe just because of a little summer rain.  It may be a little wet but its rather warm at the same time so I don't see a problem.  Also I have a concert coming up in a couple days and have the perfect concert outfit that I'm just ITCHING to wear and share :)


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