Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 1 of Kay-Loss

Weight loss has always been my kryptonite.  Ive never been a small girl and I have always envied those girls who can go shopping and ask the sales associate if they "have a smaller size in that" not "is the biggest size you have a Large?" (talk about embarrassing on both sides).  As I have gotten older I have learnt to accept my body and that I am never going to be a size 2 and be able to prance around in a tiny weenie polka dot bikini.  I have always been super self conscious with my mid section and I am taking all the blame for that because I don't eat the healthiest.  I always run out of the house quickly, never grabbing breakfast and thinking I will just stop of McDons and grab something which is the most unhealthiest thing you can do.  Just because I have accepted  it doesn't mean I am happy and as of last night I drew the last straw. 

We were invited to a pool party so I dusted off the box with my bathing suites in it and was surprised to find some pretty cute bathing suits I have.  I must have gained a bunch of weight from last year because these suits don't look so cute anymore and surprisingly that was my rock bottom and I decided to change my life around for the better :)

 - Ive started a weight loss Journal that I right my goals for the day and in big bold letters at the top my goal weight.  Since I am doing this on my own having a Journal will only motivate me but keep me in check.  I also HATE the gym and HATE sweating so since summer has arrived and I might have pool access water aerobics is right up my alley :)  I have also decided on a weekly goal of 5-10 lbs a week which will lead to my next point.

 - I have decided to give myself goal weight gifts.  I haven't decided what these gifts are going to be but Its going to be something along the lines of:
                                20 lbs lost - New workout gear ie. pants/shirts
                                40 lbs lost - New Runners :) Bright Nike Runners
                                60 lbs lost - ??
                                80 lbs lost - ??
                                100 lbs lost - ??
This works out great because if I loose 10 lbs a week that means my gift to myself will fall around payday and something to look forward to since I love clothes and shopping so much.

 - Food is going to be my biggest weakness.  When I get hungry I tend to forget all my healthy eating habits and get the fastest and closest thing to me which is fast food (slaps hand *bad Kayleen*).  My boyfriend and I eat alot of chicken (which I prefer) but not enough veggies.  I need to be careful because believe it or not I am allergic to raw fruits and veggies.  When I can eat certain fruits I will eat it in the bunches.  I can finish off a whole watermelon in 2 days and a bag of grapes sometimes in a day (which is gross because that stuff goes right through me).  So for today I have made a small grocery list and these are whats on it (things that I can eat raw and enjoy without feeling like I'm dieting or dieing):
                     - Water Melon
                     - Blue Berries
                    - Grapes
                    - Oranges
                    - Cucumber
                    - Red/Yellow/Green peppers
                    - Almond Milk? - Not sure about this one
                    - Tune
I have also decided to cut out all sodas and over sugerd drinks just because I have done that before and felt great!

As for before and after pictures....... Ill think about it.


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