Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This obsession of mine started in the spring and it only went downhill from there my friends.  My first pant of bright pants were blue ones only because I didn't want to just jump into colour.  I became obsessed and decided to take the plunge and bought baby pink ones and then came the neon pink.

My next mission was to find the color of summer which was mint.  I needed mint jeans so bad that I was dreaming about them and Pintrest wasn't helping at all.  Finding jeans or just pants period is a hard thing for me to do because I'm shaped quite weird.  I came across a blog post online that showed you how to dye white jeans.  Then my hunt for white jeans started.  I didn't care if they didn't fit in the leg and were to big I knew I could alter that because I'm quite a good sewer.  White jeans can be very unforgiving so even though I wanted a pair I knew that they would just look wrong.

To make a long story short I found the jeans that sort of fit (I thought I could wash them and they would fit.....I was wrong) and I altered them and died them and IT WORKED!!! I was ecstatic.

Just recently I found out old navy has jeans called rock star jeans and they fit me like a glove!  One pair turned into about 6.  They make my closet look so colorful :)

Since I now have the jeans I am determined to make them work for fall.  Pintrest is the best place to find inspiration like that.

Enjoy because I know I am.  Oh and run to old navy or online and get yours now while they are still there and on Sale to.

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